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Thank you all for a wonderful Book Fair.  See y'all next Fall!

Book Fair is held in the fall and the spring. Students can shop and purchase books for themselves and for their teachers. 

Volunteers are needed for this event - Cashiers, helpers, set up and tear down. 

How it works:

Parents and students can shop during the hours posted. 

Teachers may schedule a preview time to take their students down to the book fair. During the preview, students will make a wish list of books, with shelf or table number and price. They will bring the list home for you to see.

You may send money with you child so that they can shop the book fair before or after school. 

Don't forget to check out the teacher wish boxes. These are boxes of books that the teachers would love to have for their classrooms. Mrs. Szlosek also has a wish box of books she'd like to have for the library. These books make great gifts for the teachers. 

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